Accommodation; The tourists’ needs can vary considerably at all: they are sedentary or mobile, single travelers or families, in groups large or small, in central Istanbul and Cappadocia or the sea or right in western Turkey. … We are able to provide adaptations that best suit their needs or desires, choosing from a variety of selected properties: :

-From Luxury hotels ***** to smaller houses
-Well known International Hotel chains…
-Spa Hotels, A hotel built on a rock, or a hotel on the mountain ….
-Modern decorated Hotels or charm boutique hotels
-“With restaurant, bar, Hamam, Sauna, gym etc. …

Finally, do you need a price lower than the rates published? you take advantage of our ability to purchase in volume, and benefit our good prices in hotels that we are the owner.

The Hotels we offer to you are categorized in the governmental criteria of each country. The standards of the hotels can have differences between countries.