Hunting in turkey

Because to the diversity, density and richness of wildlife coupled with the beauty of landscapes, Turkey offers ideal resource for those interested in hunting.?..

The Taurus Mountains in the south, the Mercan Mountains to the east and north Kackar Mountains are home to species like the bezoar Ibex (ibex) found in southern Turkey in Antalya, Isparta, Adana, Mersin, Anatolian chamois, brown bear, wild boar (in Ankara and Izmir Kalkim north), wolf and lynx.

Why hunt Turkey?
A multitude of species sometimes unique in the world :
The Sus Scrofa Attila: C’est la plus grosse espèce de sanglier qui existe au monde : very large boar found in the vast forests, many in Turkey, specifically in the mountains to Kaz Kalkim north of Izmir, in the Pontic Chain near the Black Sea north of Ankara and in all the mountains covered with forests (Anatolia, Mercan Mountains to the east, north Kackar Mountains.

Anatolian mouflon: Turkey is the only place where this species exists. He lives in Central Anatolia.

Bezoar Capra aegagrus : It is a rare species of ibex: It occurs in the chain of Taurus and the far east of Turkey

Anatolian Chamois: He lives in the chain of Taurus, but also the extreme east of Turkey (the Mercan Mountains) and north (Mountain Kackar).

Jackal : present everywhere in Turkey with the exception of very arid.

Little Game : Anatidae (geese, ducks, teal ..), migratory species (quail, woodcock, thrushes ..), hares, rabbits … : The hunting of these animals is now exclusively reserved for the Turkish population.

The species currently protected (populations under development): brown bear, wolf, deer,

Trains snakes (rifles and Express) are allowed in Turkey.

When hunting?
Stalking: from April to December

Big game hunting:
early November to late February

Hunting at night, during a full moon …:
periods lunar months from March to December